Discovery Metabolomics Subcore

Discovery Metabolomics Subcore

The Discovery Metabolomics Sub Core of the NORC provides Affiliate Investigators with a wide range of advanced, broad-based targeted and global metabolomics assays for comprehensive and detailed information on metabolism at the cellular or organism level as it relates to nutrition, obesity and diabetes.

Targeted Metabolite Profiling

Multi-Pathway Assays

  • Aqueous: >370 metabolites in >50 pathways
  • Lipidomics: 1700 lipids from 19 classes

Focused Assays

  • Tryptophan pathway (20 metabolites)
  • Acyl Carnitines (40)
  • TCA cycle (13 metabolites)
  • Bile Acids (55)
  • Short chain fatty acids (10)
  • Lipid Mediators (100+)
  • Other specific pathways, Co-A’s, cardiolipins, etc.

Global Metabolite Profiling 

  • Aqueous metabolites (~800 + 2000 unknowns) by LC-MS
  • Organic, amino, fatty acids (~150) by GC-MS
  • NMR analysis (intact tissue, isotope tracers, ATP, ADP, NAD+, NADH, NADP+, NADPH, GSH, GSSH,etc.)
  • Lipidomics (1200+ lipids) by LC-MS

Flux Analysis (LC-MS, NMR- and GC-MS-Based)

Statistical and Pathway Analysis

  • Multi-analyte significance testing
  • Multivariate statistical modeling
  • Metabolic Pathway analysis
  • Molecular Networking for Unknown ID

Members of the NORC Discovery Metabolomics Core

Dan Raftery, PhD
Dan Raftery, PhD